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  Our Story  
Born in San Francisco to Italian parents that had immigrated to America in 1910, Stella has always had a love of food. The roots of Italian heritage run deep and are seemingly remembered in the taste buds, generation after generation. True to their heritage, Stella’s family loved rustic Italian flavors and gathered closely around the table every night to break bread. The oldest of seven siblings, Stella became a natural caretaker and an apprentice cook, helping her beloved mother by the stove since she was barely as tall as the apron tie around mama’s waist. 
Cooking was a passion that Stella got honestly—through nature and nurture. Together, Stella and her mama spent hours in the kitchen preparing daily meals for the family and special holiday feasts for the extended family. Certain things were simply truisms: cook on a gas stove, allow time for simmering, know where your ingredients are from and grow them yourself when you can, let natural flavors shine on their own, and most importantly, always cook from the heart. Love is always the main ingredient. These lifelong lessons are carried through into every bag of Stella’s Popcorn.


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